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Jack Hunter

>   Contemporary Physical Mediumship: Is it Part of a Continuous Tradition?

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Jack Hunter
>  Contemporary Physical Mediumship: Is it Part of a Continuous Tradition?

Jack Hunter
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol

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Contemporary Physical Mediumship: Is It Part of a Continuous Tradition?

“It is prodigiously strange, prodigiously unusual,
and it would seem so unlikely as to be incredible;
but we must give in to the facts...Yes, it is absurd;
but no matter – it is true.”
- Prof. Charles Richet on Ectoplasm


To many, physical mediumship seances are a social phenomenon relegated to the history books: rising to prominence in the mid-nineteenth century and eventually petering out amidst high profile exposures of fraud in the first decades of the twentieth century. In recent years, however, physical mediumship has made something of a comeback with new circles working towards the manifestation of physical phenomena being established in private homes across the UK, Europe and the United Sates. This resurgence has been facilitated by the development of internet forums promoting the subject, enabling private circles to disseminate their experiences and to exchange tips and procedures for the production of physical phenomena.

This paper will aim to explore the issue of whether the forms of physical mediumship popular today are part of a continuous tradition beginning in the nineteenth century, or essentially modern phenomena with roots in the 1990s. The main point of the discussion will be to ascertain the extent to which the phenomena of contemporary physical mediumship resemble those documented in the early literature of psychical research. pology, and in so doing will hopefully suggest some interesting directions for possible future research on contemporary entity encounters.

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Fonte: Hunter, J. (2010). 'Talking With the Spirits: More Than a Social Reality?' Paranormal Review, Issue 54, pp. 9-13.


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