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Jack Hunter

>    Beyond Castaneda: A Brief History of Psychedelics in Anthropology

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Jack Hunter
>  Beyond Castaneda: A Brief History of Psychedelics in Anthropology

Jack Hunter
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol

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By now the image of the adventurous anthropologist boldly experimenting with the psychoactive substances of their native informants is something of a cliche. Images from Carlos Castaneda’s influential series of books, in which a young anthropologist is initiated into the world of Yaqui sorcery through extraordinary psychedelic experiences, immediately spring to mind when the subject comes up. But there is a history of serious anthropological inquiry beyond Castaneda’s popularisation (and possible fictionalisation) of anthropology’s involvement with psychoactive substances. In this paper I aim to give a brief, introductory, chronological summary of developments within this field of study, from the Nineteenth Century to the present day, through presenting snapshots of key figures and their research. These will include, in order of appearance, J.G. Frazer, Weston La Barre, Richard Evans Schultes, Napoleon Chagnon, Carlos Castaneda, Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Michael Harner, Zeljko Jokic and others.


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Fonte: This paper appears in 'Neurotransmissions: Essays on Psychedelics from Breaking Convention' (Strange Attractor Press, 2015).


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