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>    Beyond Reasonable: Scientific Evidence for Survival

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Julie Beischel
>   Beyond Reasonable: Scientific Evidence for Survival



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As I left the medium’s house that day, my overwhelming sense was how completely
normal I felt for having just connected with my dead mother. In fact, the only thing weird about the mediumship reading was that - somehow - it wasn’t weird at all.

Which, for me, as someone saturated with science and having had a strained relationship with my mother, was very weird.

That experience marked the first step on a near-20-year journey of scientific exploration. I wanted to understand if it was possible for a living human being to genuinely connect with a post-mortem consciousness. My conclusion from the statistically significant evidence I proceeded to collect - under randomized, controlled conditions addressing falsifiable hypotheses - meets if not surpasses what could be considered proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a court system. That is, the most logical explanation for what at least some mediums are doing and based on the most rigorous experiments is that human consciousness does, in fact, survive permanent bodily death.

Here, I will retrace the journey that led me confidently to that conclusion.


Bugs, Drugs, and Mediums

I’ve always been a scientist. I grew up near Phoenix, and when I graduated from
elementary school, I was chosen for the class Science Award. During my first year of high school, my water pollution project received an honorable mention in the nearby university’s science fair. I received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a Microbiology emphasis. My PhD is in Pharmacology and Toxicology with a minor in Microbiology and Immunology. Although my training primarily involved the topics of bugs and drugs, I became skilled in utilizing the scientific method to obtain answers to a wide variety of questions.

-> texto completo em pdf (em inglês) - clique aqui para acessar -







About Julie Beischel:


I received my PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology with a minor in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Arizona. I use this interdisciplinary training to apply the scientific method to controversial topics.

Following my mother’s death by suicide and an evidential mediumship reading, I forfeited a potentially lucrative career in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue rigorous consciousness research full-time. For over 17 years, I have worked full-time studying mediums: individuals who report experiencing communication with the deceased and who regularly, reliably, and on-demand report the specific resulting messages to the living called sitters.

My studies began with testing the accuracy and specificity of the information reported by mediums during phone readings performed under controlled, more than double-blind, laboratory conditions that address alternative explanations for the source of their statements such as fraud, cueing, and overly general information. I have also examined mediums’ psychology, physiology, business practices, demographics, and experiences and published peer-reviewed journal articles and anthology chapters discussing these factors and the potential therapeutic application of mediumship readings during bereavement. My research interests also include spontaneous, facilitated, assisted, and requested after-death communication experiences.

Over my career, I have established myself as a world-leader in empirical consciousness research. Specifically, my mediumship studies optimize the research environment, maximize experimental controls, and take into account the real-world experiences of modern mediums (i.e., they have ecological validity). I have received multiple competitive research grants from international organizations and I sit on advisory boards for the Rhine Research Center and Forever Family Foundation.

I am the author of the Kindle books Among Mediums, Meaningful Messages, and From the Mouths of Mediums and the paperback book Investigating Mediums.

I am the co-founder (with my husband and research partner Mark Boccuzzi) and Director of Research at the Windbridge Research Center (, a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to easing suffering around dying, death, and what comes next by performing rigorous scientific research and sharing the results and other customized content for free with practitioners, clinicians, scientists, and the general public.






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 Beyond Reasonable: Scientific Evidence for Survival
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Julie Beischel; Adam J. Rock; Gary E. Schwartz
seta dupla verde claro direita  Thematic Analysis of Research Mediums' Experiences of Discarnate Communication

Julie Beischel; Arnaud Delorme; Leena Michel; Mark Boccuzzi; Dean Radin; Paul J. Mills
 Electrocortical activity associated with subjective communication with the deceased

Julie Beischel; Gary E. Schwartz
 Recepção Anômala de Informação Demonstrada por Médiuns de Pesquisa Usando um Protocolo Triplo-Cego Singular






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