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Jim B. Tucker; Poonam Sharma

>    Cases of the Reincarnation Type with Memories from the Intermission Between Lives

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Jim B. Tucker, M.D & Poonam Sharma, B.A.
>     Cases of the Reincarnation Type with Memories from the Intermission Between Lives



Poonam Sharma, B.A.
Jim B. Tucker, M.D.
University of Virginia




For the last 40 years, researchers have collected cases of children who claim to remember previous lives. In a minority of these cases, the subjects also claim to remember events that took place during the intermission between the end of their previous life and their birth in the current life.

Subjects in these cases tend to make more verified statements about the previous life they claim to remember than do other subjects of reincarnationtype cases, and they tend to recall more names from that life.

Analysis of reports from 35 Burmese subjects indicates that the intermission memories can be broken down into three parts: a transitional stage, a stable stage in a particular location, and a return stage involving choosing parents or conception.

A comparison of these reports to reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) indicates that they show features similar to the transcendental component of Western NDEs and have significant areas of overlap with Asian NDEs.



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