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Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

>    Beyond Death: The Best Evidence for the Survival of Human Consciousness

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Sharon Hewitt Rawlette
>    Beyond Death: The Best Evidence for the Survival of Human Consciousness






In the last 150 years, a number of scientists, medical doctors, and other highly qualified investigators have diligently collected a wide variety of data pointing to the continuing existence of some portion of human consciousness after death of the body. This essay will lay out the most pertinent elements of that accumulated data and argue that they strongly support the hypothesis of survival of human consciousness after permanent bodily death.

My discussion of the evidence is divided into two parts:

  • Part I lays out the third-person evidence for survival: that is, evidence from the perspective of observers who are still on this side of death but who have experienced something that appears to point to the continued consciousness of someone whose body is no longer alive. This third-person evidence comes from phenomena such as apparitions of the dead, dreams, mediumship, and poltergeists.

  • Part II looks at first-person evidence: evidence from the perspective of observers who have themselves experienced dying and remember maintaining consciousness afterward. This evidence comes not only from people who have had near-death experiences but also from those who remember living previous lives in other bodies and/or being conscious in a disembodied state between lives.


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Sharon Hewitt Rawlette Ph.D.


Sharon Hewitt Rawlette, Ph.D., is a writer and philosopher fascinated by coincidences: those strange, enigmatic experiences that are so often personally meaningful and yet push the boundaries of what we consider scientifically possible. Her 2019 book The Source and Significance of Coincidences: A Hard Look at the Astonishing Evidence presents a wealth of research concerning the statistical significance of coincidences, their range of probable causes, and how we can best interpret their implications for our lives.

For Dr. Rawlette, apparent "coincidences" open a window into the hidden powers of the human mind, powers that generally become obvious only at moments of deep personal crisis. She believes that, by studying these fleeting glimpses of our connection to an underlying conscious reality, we can get into better touch with who we truly are and what we are meant to do with our lives. We can also begin to see how the world we are part of is more meaningful and orderly than the mechanistic paradigm of the last few centuries has allowed us to fathom.

Dr. Rawlette has recently published a memoir, The Supreme Victory of the Heart, detailing her first experiences with meaningful coincidence, which happened during the dramatic weeks following her French fiancé's announcement that a girl he'd known in high school had come back into his life. In addition, she has written several personal essays on the topics of relationships, spirituality, and the environment, which have appeared in Salon and Orion, among other places. Dr. Rawlette has also explored the intersection of metaphysics and ethics in her scholarly book The Feeling of Value: Moral Realism Grounded in Phenomenal Consciousness (2016).

Dr. Rawlette earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from New York University in 2008 and wrote her dissertation at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. She was Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Ethics at Brandeis University before launching her freelance writing career.





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