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>    The Eternal Life of Consciousness

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Jeffrey Long
>    Evidence for Survival of Consciousness in Near-Death Experiences: Decades of Science and New Insights



Submitted as an essay entry to the
Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies
July 21, 2021



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Virtually everyone has wondered if there is an afterlife. This is understandable, given the appropriate concerns about the mortality of ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity. The question of an afterlife has been discussed and debated for millennia. As a physician practicing the medical specialty of radiation oncology, which is the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer, I have been intrigued by issues of our mortality. The question of what happens after bodily death is regularly present in my daily medical practice as I work with patients that have a life-threatening diagnosis of cancer. Prior investigations of near-death experience (NDE) combined with the research that I am presenting in this article have convinced me, based on evidence, that our consciousness survives bodily death.



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