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>       To Be or Not to Be! A ‘Paraphysics’ for the New Milennium

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James E. Beichler
>   To Be or Not to Be! A ‘Paraphysics’ for the New Milennium

About James E. Beichler, PhD
Salem-Teikyo University
2001 Society for Scientific Exploration


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- In 1974, Brendan O’Regan and James Beal declared the emergence of a new field of science, paraphysics. The decade of the 1970s also saw the first publication of the Journal of Paraphysics; increasing publications and interest in paraphysics and physics of the paranormal; the entrance of physicists into parapsychology in larger numbers than ever before, resulting in new avenues of research; and the development of a secret government program for the study and application of paranormal abilities. These and related developments seemed to represent the culmination of a long evolutionary process by which normal physics was slowly coming to terms with paranormal physical phenomena; however, the acceptance of paraphysics as a legitimate field of science is yet to be accomplished nearly three decades later. In fact, at the end of the second millennium use of the word paraphysics has declined in spite of recent developments concerning the scientific verification of psi phenomena and a new mindset in parapsychology.

Present ambiguities in the status of paraphysics can only be understood against the background of its initial development and the continuing evolution of physics itself. As a branch of theoretical physics, paraphysics is subject to all of the subtle changes of attitude within the scientific community at large as well as individual changes within both physics and parapsychology. The same evolutionary factors which have changed the landscape of modern physics since the 1960s, spawned O’Regan’s and Beal’s announcement and subsequently pushed the birth of paraphysics into the background of science, have now opened new avenues of research, which once again demonstrates the need to establish paraphysics as a legitimate scientific endeavor. Quite frankly, there is now reason to believe that science has at last matured to a level of understanding of nature which will allow physicists and other scholars to openly and seriously discuss the role and validity of paraphysics.

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Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 33–56, 2001




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